What we do as Zetor?

The company is a part of the Engineering sector of HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. dealing with research and development in the field of industrial know-how.

At present, the company acts as a professional R & D centre of mobile applications for machines and special vehicles.

The company was founded in June 2000 and is a professional partner for development, innovations and comprehensive deliveries, including the defence industry.

ZBOP - Zetor - Gerlach - member

Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. is a member of the Safety and Defense Industry Association of the Slovak republic.

The company Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. is a professional partner for development, innovations and comprehensive deliveries in the field of defence industry.


The portfolio of our activities includes mainly a project design, technical consultancy, project management and technological support.

The company Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. is a professional partner with the military material in the field of research, development, innovations and comprehensive delivery.


Project design

The design of 3D models and 2D technical drawings are basically created by software 3D CAD SW CREO and CATIA, in case of customer request, it is possible to project in the SW SOLID WORKS.

The company is equipped by a 3D production equipment FORTUS 400mc for rapid production of prototypes from the wide range of the materials (ABS, PC-ISO, ASA, FDM Nylon, PC and ULTEM) for different industrial branches. It has a large working area (406 x 355 x 406 mm), continuous operation, excellent surface quality and user configuration options – information about the print options and prices per email.

Technical consultancy

The company Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. has got an own experienced team of engineers and skilled technical professionals.
Technical consultancy is provided in the following areas:

  • Steel structures and additional superstructures of mobile and stationary machines and equipment
  • Construction that eliminates the impact of the human factor on the quality
  • Project design of electric systems based on the cooperation with the partner companies
  • Design, construction and calculation of the gearings and transmissions
  • Design of special assembly and handling tools supporting modular solutions
  • Trials and testing of off-road vehicles

Project management

The company offers a project MNG for development and realization of the orders, from the prototype technical drawings, through the production assurance and cooperation at the prototype production, for the certification series up to the technical drawings for the series production, based on the cooperation with selected partners.

Technological support

The company offers, for the pre-production prototype, certification and series production of the mobile machines and their main components, a technological concept of the assembly and technical conditions to fulfil the requirements for the entry into service, including homologation, according to the customer requirements.