General information

Official nameATV Zetor Gerlach 4x4
DescriptionModern European modular concept vehicle 4x4
Length5.920 mm
Width2.550 mm
Height2.600 mm
Engine power240 kW (326 k)
Torque1300 Nm
Gearbox6-st. automatická
ChassisRibbed portal frame
AxlesIndependent suspension
14 R20 with central tire inflation system (CTIS)
WeightMaximum allowable up to 14.5 t
Modular cargo volume2,3 m3
Useful loadTotal 2,3 t - of which cargo 1,5 t
ComponentsStrictly from EU


Ground clearance465 mm
Front approach angle45 °
Rear approach angle45 °
Side slopeDrive up to 57%
Static up to 62.5%
Driving on a vertical climbUp to 60 %
Overcoming a vertical obstacle0,5 m
Trench crossing1m
Turning radius7,65m
Max. speed117 km/h
Fuel tank220 l fuel tank in 2 independent tanks
Range600 km in combined terrain (off-road, off road, road - 30%, 30%, 40%,)


Ballistic protectionSTANAG 4569 AEP-55 Volume 1 Level 3
Anti-mine protectionSTANAG 4569 AEP-55 Volume 2 Level 3a
STANAG 4569 AEP-55 Volume 2 Level 3b
Safety cabinNumber of crew members 2 + 4
Additional modular armor with anti-mine "V" shield
Separated and suspended double floor
Especially anti-noise and anti-vibration materials on the cab floor and floor
Crew compartment volume of 7.7 m,7

Systems & Logistics

SubsystemsCBRN subsystems, communication systems, CTIS, data and voice communication
Weapon and communication systemsAccording to customer requirements
LogisticsSTANAG 2165 Truck, Airbus 400 M, railway