What is the price of the Gerlach 4x4?

The ATV Zetor Gerlach 4×4 – as the full official name sounds – is an armoured tactical vehicle intended exclusively for military and law enforcement units of a specific customer. Each customer has its own priorities and consequently specific requirements for the Gerlach, which are reflected in the final form of the vehicle and thus also its price. This concerns particularly the degree of ballistic protection, anti-mine protection, anti-chemical protection, etc.; the required number of cabin crew positions; the required active and passive weapon systems required; and many other factors.

The price of the vehicle also depends on the business model for deliveries and servicing of the vehicle, which also depends on the customer.

Will a civilian version of the Zetor Gerlach 4x4 be produced?

At present, the civilian version is not being considered. At Zetor Engineering, we are fully dedicated to launching serial production of the ATV Zetor Gerlach 4×4, or its variants. Looking to the future, there is the prospect of extending the Gerlach family to include a military version of a Zetor Gerlach 6×6.

Where will the Gerlach 4x4 be produced?

In the case that the ATV Zetor Gerlach 4×4 succeeds in the tender for the Slovak Army, the production itself will, of course, take place in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In the case of success with other customers, this question is always a matter of mutual discussion, depending on a number of parameters such as the total number of purchased units, number of purchased units per year, but also on the preference of the customer themselves. However, in this case, preserving the project of know-how and its design and engineering team, which is and will always be in Slovakia, is much more important than the production itself.

Are you truly a Slovak company or is there a foreign company behind you?

Zetor Engineering Slovakia, as a company which is the owner and holder of the complete know-how of the ATV Zetor Gerlach 4×4 project, is a Slovak joint-stock company whose 100% shares are owned by its Slovak joint-stock parent company HTC INVESTMENTS a.s., in its Engineering portfolio.

Where can I see the Gerlach 4x4 live?

In Slovakia we are planning next to exhibit in Bratislava in May 2020 as part of the IDEB 2020 event. In the world forum we will then soon after be attending the EUROSATORY 2020 event in Paris.

What tower can be installed on the roof?

Specific variants of the tower (crew / unmanned), as well as its type, or the brand of the manufacturer or supplier are fully the responsibility of the given particular customer. Almost anything up to 500 kg weight can be fitted on the Gerlach safely and without problem while maintaining the antimine protection STANAG 4569 AEP-55 Volume 2 Level 3a, 3b.